Different methods to store the wigs

Posted on Aug 26, 2019 in Wig care

Different methods to store the wigs

Most of the people concentrate on their wig design, model and color. But they forget to store the wig properly. It is very important to safely store the wig. Then only you will protect your wig style for the long term.  The wig is a big investment to stylish your look.

After some long time, the wig gets lost their shine and look. To avoid this quick damage, you have to learn how to store wigs properly. Here are some of the methods are given to store your wig safely.

If you are using a human hair wig, you have to follow certain things to fix and maintain. In case you are using a synthetic wig, then follow certain rules to maintain. But there is no difference in wigs storage rules for both kinds of wigs.

store the wigsClean your wig properly before the store

If you store your wig without clean the dust, then it will get quick damage. If you want to maintain your wig shiny without any damage for the long term, then you have to clean the dust properly before storing the wig.

Keep your wig out of direct sunlight

You can hold your wig for some times. But some of the things you have to avoid. The main things are you don’t store your wig in the direct sunrays place or heat area.  The direct sunlight may affect the wig color and damage the wig hair. So you have to store your wig in a dry, cool place.

Store your wig in its box

If you want to store your wig for short term, you can use the wig box to keep it safe for some short period. Wig box is designed to place your wig comfortably and it is easy to maintain. So the wig box is the best option to store your wig.

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Folding your wig

If you don’t have any wig box or any other option, you can simply hold the wig and keep safe. In some emergency case, you need to travel but don’t have any box means you can fold the wig and keep it in your bag safely.

Wig stands

You can also use the wig stands to hold your wig for a long period. This will helps to maintain your wig safely and shiny. You have to keep this stand in a dry cool place. You have to concentrate on wigs care to avoid any quick damage.

These are some of the best ways to store wigs. Follow these methods and keep your wig safely.